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I humanize technology for people and business objectives. 🎯 Product Manager | Product Strategy | UX

Everyone has seen how awesome is the new WhatsApp feature. Now you can accelerate the voice massagers. So now, three-minute audio of your friend, you can listen in a frequency of 1.5X or 2X. Isn’t it the more fantastic thing? So we have no more excuses of complaint about these “long” audios, and also we have this sensation of saving a lot of time.

The first time I saw the functionality, I was delighted, especially from a product perspective. I heard thousands of times complaints about long audio files but never heard someone comment on that solution. …

What are the first challenges that a non-technical product manager face when is starting their career? How to be prepared to face it?

Nowadays, where technology is transforming every industry; where we need it to evolve and keep the business alive. It is more frequently that non-technical junior product managers ask themselves if they need to study technology to grow in their careers.

What does it mean to have tech study to be a great product manager? It will depend on the product you are building.

In the digital era, tech backgrounds are highly demanding in the market, so it is essential to understand the tech world, but it doesn’t mean you need to code. When I started my product profession, I don’t…

User Experience is not only for designers; follow my product manager journey to develop UX skills.

To start

I define myself as a UX product manager who humanizes technology for people and business objectives. After years in the tech world, I realized that technology enables the business to evolve and build a common language between them is the critical factor for success.

In this article, I will show which UX courses helped me in my product manager career. How these courses supported me in developing my superpower as a product manager “find the right problem to solve and co-create a solution that has a big impact on the business, and user loves the solution.”

As product managers, we…

Acá un cómico ejemplo de como la frecuencia de uso es fundamental en la usabilidad de los productos y puede romper algunos design systems

El problema

Cada vez que intento apagar la alarma del timer en el iphone, cliqueo en el botón de repetir en vez de cliquear en el botón de parar, entonces el timer vuelve a correr.

Tras repetir el error una y otra vez a pesar de ser conciente de que muchas veces me equivocaba, empece a cuestionarme, por qué cometo ese error; por qué no logro cliquear en el botón amarillo enorme que dice parar.

Un poco de research…

Resulta que las pantallas de la alarma y el timer en IOS tiene el mismo diseño, estructura, colores, etc, pero el botón principal en cada pantalla realiza…

The voice of your company needs to reflect your vision, values, and culture. It time to design it.

The company’s identity is more than a cool brand's guide, it is fundamental that represents the vision, values, and culture of the organization in every touchpoint people have with the company.

If you already have the vision, values, and culture is building, the voice is a critical part of building the company identity. It is important to design it to really represent the values, culture of the organization, and people there.

Nowadays, the voice is extremely relevant in the social media and every company’s communication. …

Este fue el primer aprendizaje que me lleve del taller de networking de BRAVA

Hace unas semanas participé de un taller de networking para mujeres dado por BRAVA en Sinergia Campus(Incubadora Sinergia). Realmente una experiencia muy linda que me permitió conectar con más mujeres de rubros muy variados y con una energía excepcional.

En el taller me enamoré de estas dos expresiones “Dime como te presentas y te diré quien eres” y “Adueñate de tu valor”. Estas frases tan potentes me llevaron a reflexionar sobre: ¿Quién quiero ser a la hora de presentarme?, ¿Cuál es mi valor? y ¿Cómo me adueño de mi valor?

Estas respuestas no son estáticas, se irán transformando con el…

Sometimes it feels like a competition, the present feels urgent, but the future will not forgive you if you make the wrong decision.

Photo by Jesse Bowser on Unsplash

In the end, as in any other aspect of life, it’s about the magic of having a perfect balance. This balance is between the short and long term of your product. It is how you develop your product right now, and how you envision your product evolving in the future.

Every product has short terms goals to achieve immediately, but these goals can’t destroy the long term objectives and overall health of the product. Both need to be aligned and related.

The present always feels urgent, on fire, so it is necessary to decide quickly but strategically, which is the…

Photo by Clark Tibbs on Unsplash

The future is becoming more technological, thus we need to design and build it together

5 years ago I discovered the tech world and I got obsessed with it.

I have a degree in tourism business management and worked in an online travel agency, but nobody understood why I worked in the technology area and not in another department. They had a point, I studied management, not computer science.

This is the first bias you need to deal with if you didn't study computer science and work in tech.

I started as a functional tester and it was amazing how all the team taught me and made much easier the transition to my geek part…

El futuro es cada vez más tecnológico por eso tenemos que diseñarlo y construirlo entre todos

Hace 5 años descubrí el mundo de la tecnología y me obsesioné con todo lo que podes hacer en él.

Photo by Clark Tibbs on Unsplash

Me gradué en Lic. De gestión de empresas turísticas, mientras trabajaba en una agencia de viajes online, mis conocidos no entendían como trabajaba en el área de tecnología en vez de algún otro departamento vendiendo viajes. Claro yo había estudiado administración de empresas y no desarrollo de software, como podía ser.

Con lo primero que vas a tener que lidiar si no estudiaste carreras de desarrollo es con romper el estereotipo de que los departamentos de tecnologías solo tiene roles…

Samsung D’Light — Seoul, Korea

Are interactions the design challenge of the future? Are we ready to design the future of interactions?

💡 When the interactions won’t be occurred on our mobile devices and will be an extension of our gestures.

💡 When the air and any surface will be prepared to receive our request and the multi-devices will be all the surrounding things.

💡 When the voice will be a powerful tool on the design experience.

On this new normal

Transitions will be the biggest challenge for any user-centric experience. Today rarely experiences record accompanying the user throughout their transitions and interactions with different devices and moments.

We focus on the omnichannel experience, but we forget to design and bring a smooth transition between the…

Florencia Ferreyra

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